Josh’s friend Jeff came to town Saturday.  After a yummy breakfast at “The Cracker Barrel” with Aunt Pam I met up with these two gentlemen for a trip around Springfield.  I’m sitting here {the next Saturday} and can’t even remember where all we went.  
Brain. Empty.
I loathe posting pictures of myself.
But I was a little bored in the car while Jeff and Josh were talking about longboards, blah, blah, blah, so…that’s my excuse. 
Plus, I feel like I am “Emerging” in my hair curling techniques.
Thanks Kate.
{Stolen from Jorie.}
Saturday evening we drove down south to a haunted house.  
A new adventure for Rach.
My walk {run} through the house was with my eyes closed and laughing to keep from being scared.

I printed out the wedding pictures and here is where they will sit until I can find a suitable photo album.
Our view on the drive home Sunday.
And then I vacuumed. 
The end.



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