My Aunt Pam came to town yesterday.  Her vacation to the beach was rescheduled so she decided to make a trip down to visit our neck of the woods.  Compared to Sedalia we have much more to offer.  Mostly Hobby Lobby and better restaurants.  So we made our visits to those places. We talked, laughed a lot, she treated me to a massage at a current business, and we enjoyed some delicious Mexican food.  She spoiled us to the core.
She also brought along some fresh pears and a care package from my sweet mamma.  She is always so thoughtful! 

On the agenda for tonight is my first ever Haunted House.  Unfortunately Aunt Pam left before this experience is going to take place.  I was never into that sort of thing growing up but we’re going for a friend’s birthday so we’ll see how much I cry or pee my pants.  One or the other is likely.  Possibly both.


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