Here at the Morris house we do our grocery shopping together.  Mostly because it’s fun {the majority of the time} to wander through the aisles, talk about what we want to eat, and people watch.  I know we won’t always have this much “free” time in our lives so I’m enjoying this little tradition while it lasts.  Yesterday, in true Morris fashion, around 6 o’clock {dinner time} we began to exchange looks and phrases like, “What’s for dinner?” or, “When was the last time we bought groceries?” or, “Man, out of cereal again.”  So off to our “neighborhood grocery store”.  Walmart is a life sucking, economy and neighborhood ruining establishment – I know, Dad.  Sheesh.  But sometimes {if you live in Springfield} it’s about all ya got.  Unless you like spending hard earned doll hairs on gas money to drive across town to the nice, non-threatening stores. Don’t even say the word Culinaria, Heather Weeks.
We ran {possibly literally} to those sliding doors and yanked a cart from it’s line.  Walked a few feet then abandoned our chosen cart for a stranded one.  This one didn’t pull to the right, good.  Now we’re set.  We pick up our regular things – apples, chips, chicken, tortillas, gum, we eat too many carbs, yada-yada-yada. Now there’s only one item to check off my grocery list app.  
As soon as we step in the aisle I am thankful that Josh is there.  Not that I’m overly confident in high lightbulb knowledge but simply for the fact that I would have stood in the aisle.  Panicked.  Then headed for the check-out line.  He’s more of a decision maker. So after debating {read:  finding the cheapest light bulb we could get our hands on} for a few minutes, we picked up this little guy.  There are a few reasons we only bought one lightbulb.  But the biggest reason is that we thought we only had one light out.  One light out = one replacement light bulb.  Bring on your “lightbulbs always go out” lectures. Bring it. 
We load up the back of the truck, drive home, and the unloading process takes place.  My personal favorite.  We have several stairs and a long hallway to walk down to get to our little home so we do the “break your arm to make one load” method.  I hope someone observes {and takes notes} one day.  I load up one arm and grab the key in my free hand.  I get a head start to quickly walk to the door while J, whose arms are much more loaded than mine, trails behind.  The goal is for me to get the door opened before he gets to the door.  It’s worked so far so we haven’t made any adjustments in our plan.  
I begin unpacking the groceries while Josh takes the light fixture down to replace the light.  What he uncovers is that there are actually three not two lightbulbs in the fixture so in reality we were already working with a dim light.  Then we think, “I wonder if our bedroom light is the same way!”  Sure enough….
So we’re already looking at another Walmart trip.
J gets the lightbulb put in and holy schmoly.
That sucker is so bright it makes ya feel funny.
The stove all of a sudden doesn’t look like a stove.
I think it might actually be moving…
Josh’s lightbulb knowledge is starting to kick in…
“I think there are different tints of lights.”
We were headed out to meet friends so we ended up making a stop at Walmart beforehand.  We run in again. Bolt for the lightbulb aise. And stare.  Studying each type of lightbulb. Soft light, daylight, reveal, aye-yi-yi. Thankfully, for dummies like us, there is somewhat of a pictorial guide in that aise.  We decide we need the “soft white”. We buy two boxes – for the one light we were originally replacing and for the four other lightbulbs that we found were out. And to, ya know, have a back up.  You’re welcome, Dad.  
And now, according to the box, we won’t have to replace these for nine years.
So you’re welcome too next nine tenants of this apartment.
We’ve saved you some stress in the lightbulb department.
And at the end of the day, it was pretty enjoyable to laugh at ourselves and figure something out on our own.  Even if mistakes were involved.  



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