Lately I’ve been hearing the praises of fall ringing out from sweater wearers and Pumpkin Spice Latte drinkers.  While I am a fan of the cooler weather and the fall decor, I have to say, the change every season brings is pretty special.  I love the brightness and cheerful warmth that spring brings. The frosty air and magical snowfall that makes us appreciate the warmth of spring even more.  And the easy-going, hazy, lazy, days of summer.  So this season – fall {or autumn if you’re feeling fancy} I’m going to savor and appreciate the pumpkins {probably in the form of pumpkin muffins}, the sweaters {I’ve already purchased a great steal on a cozy one}, and the spiced lattes {we won’t talk about that one…}.  I’ll marvel at the Creator’s masterpiece as the leaves change from their bold shades of green to their warmer shades. And I’ll even appreciate this football thing that comes around every Saturday and Sunday.  Although I’m pretty sure my brain has assimilated “football” with “nap time”.

happy fall little friends.
Enjoy this transition of the seasons and all the caramel apples your heart can take.


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