We have a mandatory breakfast at the best coffee shop in town.
The big Mr. Morris works on figuring out his new phone.
While conversation and uncontrollable laughter flutters around.
We make a detour to Hobby Lobby.
For necessities.
And telescope play.
Of course.
Side note:  I’m trying to find a way to have a physical copy of our wedding photos. Any great ideas?
And we make stops at every bookstore nearby.
Clearly, they are about to exchange an, “I need to have this.” look at the game section of Barnes & Noble.
Have I mentioned I could spend all day there?
It was a short visit.
Since they have church in Batesville in the morning.
But such a good one.
My Mr. Morris has some pretty amazing parents.
And I’m so glad we could spend even just a day and a half with them.
In other Morris news…
Josh is snoozing in his blanket cocoon on the floor while the sound of sports announcers blast from the television.
I’m lounging on the couch while working on my resume {is this real life?} and thinking a cup of green tea sounds perfect on this rainy Saturday.
I’m also thinking that we can’t put off a grocery store trip much longer.
We’re out of milk and cereal.
Morris staples.
Oh weekends,  I love you.


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