teach me | week seven

This is it.
My last full week of “teaching” at the Preschool.
And it’s already Tuesday?
The days are becoming longer but at the end of them I want them to last just a little bit longer.
I want to continue to build relationships with these incredibly special children.
To continue to see their growth both academically and just as a person.
It’s fascinating how much personal development goes on with those four year olds.
And I can’t believe I won’t get to see the majority of it.
I will be back in the Spring to see those littles.
And give them more hugs!
My goodness those sweet little Preschooler hugs!
And when they {I’m especially referring to those non-emotional-boy-types} lean their head on your shoulder.
Just stop.
One story from the day.
It’s a good one, promise.
As we were lining up to go home one of the boys in the class, out of the blue, says, “Do you love me? Raise your hand if you love me.” 
None of his classmates seemed to be interested in showing their love for this boy.
But Mrs. N and I quickly popped our hands right up.
And it’s so true.
Teachers {the good ones anyway} love their kids.
It’s almost impossible not to.

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