one hundred days | part one | getting ready

On that day I remember squirming like a child in my chair while my sweet mother braided and swept my hair back.
And the sound of my five beautiful friends and the photographers chatting, relaxing, and getting ready for a long day ahead.
I remember my mother-in-law walking through the front door with a coffee drink from Starbucks and a  little white box containing a gift – an iPhone – with a charming and funny note from an anxious groom written inside.
I remember being thankful for this home, the home I’ve grown up in, to get ready for this important day.
For the pacing of the day and an evening wedding.
Which meant we didn’t have to rush to get here or there but instead could relax, enjoy, and most importantly, savor.
I remember my mother.
And how radiantly she glowed.
How a smile rarely left her face that day.
I remember my calm and collective Father.
Whose face brought a swelling of tears in my eyes that day – thinking of the great example of a man and husband he is.
How he carefully shaped my perspective of my future husband.
And cautiously protected my heart for twenty-one years.
I remember thinking of my soon to be husband.
Of how his morning was going.
And the anticipation of seeing him for the very first time that day.
– Rachel
I remember being around great friends to put my nerves to rest. 
I remember hoping that I hope everything was going perfect for my soon to be wife.
I also remember feeling like the luckiest man on the face of this Earth and the funny thing is that last feeling has never gone away 
– Josh 
This day.
This sweet, beautiful, and perfect day was just that.
A day.
One single day to mark the beginning.
And what a joyous beginning it was for us.


All photographs taken by Esther Marie Photography.

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