weekenders | savor

I’m learning to savor the weekends.
And praise the Lord for the blessing of Josh being off on weekends too.
We have at least two quality days together.
Two days to sleep in a little.
{We didn’t even set an alarm Saturday!}
Josh and I like to grocery shop together and yesterday we tried out Hy-Vee.
We’re always looking to get groceries for super cheap.
So far Dillon’s has been our best find.
Even though their stores are usually pretty grungy.
I love how they let you load coupons right on your member card.
Which is conveniently on my iPhone.
No printing.
No forgetting them at home.
Couponing for Dummies right here.
Long, meaningless story short:  HyVee is super clean and has a super cool deli.
{Rach adds:  It isn’t Walmart.}
We like.
The end.
Saturday I watched Baby E for a big chunk of the afternoon and evening.
First thing she says to me, “Tutu!” as she grins and points to her dress.
She’s not helping the “No Babies for Five Years” plan…
Sunday was the first time we had been to our home church in a while.
We’ve been weekend travelers the past two Sundays.
And I love the two other churches we visited.
But it’s so sweet to be back at Second.
After church it was time for a home cooked meal.
Josh and I eat tacos.
 A lot.
1. It’s easy.
2. Josh can sometimes be a umm, “finicky” eater.
3. He likes tacos.
4. I like tacos.
We were having this discussion with my parents while we visited them a few weeks back.
Then one day a special package arrived in our mailbox.
A sampling of taco seasonings from my thoughtful father.
Today we tried the Lawry’s and it earned an 8 on the 10 point scale.
And then after lunch, while lounging on the couch.
I remembered my two lonely Oreos sitting in the pantry.
My eyes sparkled with happiness.
I swung open the cabinet doors and alas,
no Oreos.
{Let’s just clarify. The Oreos had been verbally claimed the day before.}
I spin around to give my husband the fiery death eyes.
His saddened eyes say, “We’ll get you a treat at Target?”
{They had a deal on soda so we were going there anyways. Blah. Blah. Blah. Soda’s ruining our lives.}
Yes, cupcakes sounded nice.
With some marshmallow filling!
My eyes were once again filled with joy.
At Target we {I} selected the perfect ingredients.
Which aren’t “ingredients” at all…
Cake mix.
Jar of frosting.
Jar of marshmallow fluff.
Healthy shmealthy.
On the return to the apartment I dug out the handy dandy hand mixer, gathered the oil, checked to make sure the eggs were still good {We’ve Googled “How to check if eggs are still good” more times than I’d like to say…}, and removed the measuring cup from the cabinet.
All while thinking to myself, “I love baking. It’s so relaxing!”
I poured the water in.
Broke the eggs.
Measured out the oil.
Then I started to think…
“Did I put one cup or two cups of water in there?”
Our measuring cup holds two cups.
The box called for two.
And I honestly could not remember which line I had filled it to.
But the mixture didn’t look too runny.
And it didn’t taste too watery.
So I went ahead and filled my cutesy baking liners two-thirds full.
And placed them on the middle rack.
After nineteen minutes I pulled the little gems out and they immediately flattened.
And right then I knew that it was two cups of water that I had put in.
Not one.
I cut open one of the cupcakes, tried it.
And then thought,
“I loathe baking. This is why they have cupcake shops.”
I went ahead and made six more cupcakes, filled them with mallow fluff, and decided to try my luck with a new frosting idea from good ol’ Pinterest.
The site for this idea looked reputable so I thought I’d give it a shot.
It said to warm up the store bought frosting and it will harden sort of like a better tasting fondant.
It just looked like runny icing.
These were the worst looking, watery cupcakes I’ve ever seen.
But Josh ate two.
I’m pretty sure just to make me feel better.
It kinda worked.
Then we poured the watery batter into the trash.
And saved the frosting and fluff for another sweet tooth day.

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