teach me | week four

Oh week four.
The halfway mark.
The teachers in the hall have jokingly been telling me to not make any big plans next week.
Apparently the 4-6 week mark is when teachers get the first sickness of the year.
My teacher was sick last week.
Not “stay home sick”.
Just “feel yucky, no voice” sick.
Apparently in teacher world,
there’s a big difference.
The lack of voice from my teacher did allow for me to step in at least two days and teach pretty much on my own.
It’s still nerve-wracking when a veteran teacher is watching you.
I’m thinking that part never goes away.
Last Tuesday Mrs. N had a meeting in the afternoon so I had the privilege of being the one and only teacher in the room.
It was a huge confidence boost.
A total, “I can do this.” moment.
I can manage 10 four year olds.
Then Friday happened.
Two bathroom accidents on the playground, one nosebleed, and one cryer.
If Mrs. N hadn’t have been there it would have been two cryers.
The tired little girl.
And me.
So ok Week Five.
Let’s work on some shapes.

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