family | thanks labor day

The sweetest two year old, “I love you” was said right about here.
I’m sure there was a tear in that Mimi’s eye.
We have some pretty great families.
And this weekend we had the joy of being with Josh’s parents, his sister, and brother’s family.
We ate some good southern cooking.
Watched some Arkansas football.
Or napped.
Enjoyed each other’s conversation.
Laughed and acted our silliest to make the little ones giggle.
And rested in the fact that it’s just nice for everyone to be under the same roof.
Two weekends of families in a row.
We are so thankful.
For this road trip we took full advantage of Donald Miller’s audiobook, Through Painted Deserts.
It was free somewhere and perfect for a long drive.
We listened to it almost all the way there.
And started it again on the way back.
But ended up talking for the rest of the three and a half hours.
Talking about the future mostly.
Kids, jobs, ya know.
Those things that we aren’t quite ready for yet.
So thanks Labor Day.
Even though you make Tuesdays harder.
And Thanksgiving look light years away.
We have some pretty great memories to hold us over till then.

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