life | keeping up

Keeping up with this sweet little blog thing has been a challenge lately.
I come home from a day of Preschool, then try and spend as much time as possible hanging out with the husband and friends until it’s time to lay my head on my glorious pillow.

Even taking pictures has been a struggle lately.

So here are a few lowly pictures of Morris life lately.
Minus pictures of some sweet little Preschoolers that are definitely starting to steal Mrs. Morris’ heart.

This is what you find when you lose a tiny little pill under the passenger’s seat on your way to school.
I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t dig that much for a dropped dollar.
Or maybe even ten dollars.
And I have no idea what that key is for?
I’ve never seen it in my life.

I found the rock candy that Josh hid in our house!
I can only eat half a stick before becoming nauseous from the sugar overload.

We had a sweet little roadtrip to see my parents last weekend.
It was unexpected.
But so nice to see them.
And eat momma’s cooking.
And hug my Dad.
And read ads on the couch late at night with Mom.
And watch bike races downtown.
My husband.
Who’s the best at surprises.
Had this book that I started reading at Barnes & Noble delivered today.
I love learning about the brain.
Not enough to sign up for psychology classes.
But it’s super intriguing already.
And finally,
Josh’s first day of class was today.
Which requires a first day picture.
So proud.

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