life | half a Monday

Today I had “student teaching orientation” – the first of three times I will have to be on campus this year. 
And my goodness that place brings back memories.
That was my part of town.
I knew all the good reading spots. 
All the fastest routes.
And let’s not even get started on good ol’ Hammons. 
As concrete building filled as it is, I love that place.
And since it was the first day and prime time for all the meters to be full. Plus I didn’t exactly have time to refill the meter every hour… I was properly dropped off by one good looking man.
For some reason it just makes me giddy inside that he’s on my campus. 
Maybe because of that whole nostalgia thing. And how so many memories were made right there. Like playing ninja on the lawn with our mismatched group of friends the first night I met that cute boy. 
Or maybe because I never got to walk around campus during school time, just holding hands with my boyfriend.
Who knows.
It just makes me smile.
And everyone knows first week = free week.
We scored free sodas. 
And I thought I loved free things when I was a “poor college student”. 
Ain’t got nothin on “poor, married, college students.
Also. Speaking of being a married student…
At the meeting they informed us that we should be applying to at least 20 districts. 
We’ll file that one under, “Things that are different once married”.
After the meeting, my handsome husband picked me up and we went on a quality Barnes & Noble date.
So many books we want!
And then we end up looking them up on Amazon and finding them for a penny. Is that wrong?
I always feel slightly ashamed for sitting at the B&N, reading their book, with my Amazon app open. 
Oh well.
Go green!
After jotting down which titles we must buy with our next round of “fun money” we left the Big Box store and went local. 
The used buy/sell places.
Pretty legit and surprisingly not full of trashy romance novels. 
It’s fun to find new places in this big, weird, exciting city.
It’s not that big.
But it’s pretty exciting if ya look hard enough.

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