weekenders | fastest weekend of my life

Saturday consisted of a grocery run.
For milk and cereal.
And possibly a donut.
It was Saturday.
Then I spent the rest of the day laundering and watching One Tree Hill.
Darn you Netflix.
Making me want to relive my high school TV days.
Although, I’m pretty sure Mom wouldn’t let us watch OTH.
We must’ve sneaked that one.
J and I started teaching Preschool every other week at our church.
It’s exciting to finally be doing something besides “attending” the church we’ve gone to for three years.
And to phase out of the “college student” church attendee.
We live here now.
It was a little chaotic.
And we were definitely worn by the end of it.
But it’s helping with the “No Kids For Five Years” plan.
Sunday afternoon consisted of, 
you guessed it,
more OTH watching.
And some possible cleaning?
And also some possible No Bakes being made…
And cutting of laminated items.
I love being able to help Mrs. N even if it’s something small.
She has a family.
And I’m sure she’d rather be spending time with them than cutting out alphabet charts.
Balancing life must be really hard when you’re thinking of more than two people.
Haley and Nathan are about to get back together.
I just know it.
Did anyone else like this show way more than they should?

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