teach me | week two

Worn out pair of feet.
A quick bite to eat while discussing plans for the afternoon class.

“A tomato a day”, right?


That’s what this first week in the classroom has given me.
I’ve started building relationships with the students.
With the teacher.
And it’s not even time to “officially” start yet.
I feel more confident reading books with the whole class.
I feel more confident transitioning students from one activity to another.
I feel confident leading ten squirmy preschoolers down a hallways as quietly as possible.
I feel a bit more confident in planning.
Assessment people.
I love discovering where the students are then planning according to what they need.
Isn’t that what you would want?
For someone to meet you where you are, take your hand, and say, “We’ll learn those letter names together. Don’t you worry.”
And I’m excited as ever for this next week.
Last week I was also able to meet the students and observe the third grade classroom I will be in in October.
It’s amazing the learning and maturing that goes on in those four years.
They can read!

But I’ll hold my excitement in for third grade until October.
And cherish these moments with these Preschoolers.
Because soon they’ll be writing their name and remembering to wash their hands.
And I’ll be one proud student teacher.
Alright, I kinda already am.
They’re so dang smart!


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