teach me | the first day


That is my chosen word for the first day of Preschool.
A, “You ready?” from Mrs. N. 
And a fairly confident, “Yes.” from Mrs. Morris.
Parents walking their kiddos in.
Children that are swallowed up by their backpacks, grinning shyly from behind their parents’ back.
Or taking charge of their classroom by roaming about, dabbling in the sandbox.
Children that must be peeled away from their parents.
Scared to leave on their first day.
I wanted to say, “I know that feeling!” as I thought back to leaving my husband that morning.
A reading of No, David! to introduce our school rules.
An explanation of what would happen if you were caught picking your nose.
A shameless revelation of a booger picking four-year-old.
And we all know it just wouldn’t be Preschool without at least one outburst of, “BOOGERS!”.
A, “Wanna go on the teeter-totter?” from new friend to new friend.
A brief sigh of relief for a ten minute lunch break.
And it’s right back to it.
Right back to opening play-doh and showing kids how to use the brand new Prang watercolors.
Remember when painting wasn’t intimidating?
And you didn’t have to be the best?
You could just dip the brush into your favorite color and sweep the page.
That’s beautiful.
I already know these eight weeks with nineteen preschoolers is going to be too short.
I want to be there when the lightbulb comes on.
When they learn all the letters in their names.
And their friends’ names.
When they discover that they really are readers.
And when they solve problems with each other on their own.
And even though today was crazy.
It was the good kind of crazy.
The kind of crazy that says, “You can do this.”

9 thoughts on “teach me | the first day

  1. This is so cute. This post brought back so many good memories and it reminded me why I want to be a teacher (something that I've actually struggled with knowing/not knowing these past few months–so thank you for the reminder why teaching is meant for me!). 🙂


  2. Sounds like your first day was a wonderful success! I'm sure you're going to fall in love with all those kiddos have have a horrible time being torn away after 8 weeks.


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