weekenders | of the low key variety

thursday:  headband making and talks with Farren

friday:  lunch at a new {to us} italian joint with one of josh’s good friends. we had some business to take care of at Evangel’s campus so we made a trip that way. paid our rent, checked our mail, and took a nonchalant tour of the place.  josh’s school “merged” with Evangel meaning he’s spending his third year of college on a whole new campus. i’d be a nervous nelly. he’s mr. calm cucumber.

we also spent quite a few hours at hebrews coffee shop just talking, meal planning {er…pinterest-ing?}, and reading.

my knack for winning giveaways has struck again.
I convince J that this is how I save our family money.

saturday:  psych watching with Josh in the morning. no bake makin in the evening. i could never get sick of those things. i also kinda like how everyone has a different recipe. what’s your favorite? i’m a high peanut butter, low oats kinda girl.

sunday:  church in the a.m., chicken and potato lunch, j off to work, preschool sunday school meeting, cleaning, and clothes sorting. exciting stuff ya’ll.


tomorrow is my last official day of summer.
and j’s off work.
i’m so looking forward to spending and savoring the whole day with my love.


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