life | and yet another road trip

Monday morning arrived after a long weekend of work for Josh and ya know, Netflix watching for Rach.  Folks, we caved. We signed up for that “free” trial shenanigan and honestly that can be blamed for the lack of posts. The computer is occupied. I am definitely blogging from the iphone while we watch What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Anyways. We were talking about Monday morning, right? The usual – sitting on the couch, reading, talking about what needed to b done. Mostly boring things like grocery shopping, khaki pants finding (anyone know where some teacher-ish skinny khakis can be found?), and paperwork turning in. Then that Josh Morris kid says, “Hey wanna go to Bentonville?” And I’m a sucker for Bentonville and spur of the moment road trips. We packed up our bags, grabbed a gas station lunch and hit I-44. 
Since J’s brother didn’t get off till 5 we had some time to read and drink coffee. 
Which makes for two happy Morrises. 

This trip, short as it was, made me so thankful for my family man. Josh loves family. And driving hundreds of miles to see them is never a long decision. I love watching Josh play with our (am I allowed to do that?) nephew.  And watching him squirm while he holds our niece. I love dinner with J’s brother and wife {Who blogs over here about her wife & mommy adventures} And as much as it’s not super fun for me, I enjoy watching Josh enjoy longboard shops with his brother and Jeff. 
Family is such a blessing and I all too often take for granted how close we live to all of our family.

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