life | hanging out with josh morris

bike rides at msu.
brings back so many sweet memories.
i graduate in december.
{they allow babies to graduate these days…}
and won’t be spending any more time on that concrete filled campus.
hence, nighttime bike rides through campus.

so this target cartwheel business?
but makes for a tasty lunch.

yesterday j’s friends jeff and e.j. were in town.
so longboarding is always on their agenda.
i watch.
and take pics.
and hold my breath.

and finally, 
my social security card came in, we took a little trip to the dmv, then to the bank.
guess which one gave away suckers.
name change:  completed.


3 thoughts on “life | hanging out with josh morris

  1. What fun – getting to spend time with your love. Good for you getting all the name changes taken care of. I thought getting my name changed was so much easier than people told me. I ha everything (other than insurance – that's still not changed over after 2 years) changed in a month! I waisted no time at all. 😉


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