life | why tuesdays are heaven.

Just a little car ride serenading.
Welcome to our Tuesday.
Last Tuesday to be precise.
Just lounging around the afternoon, a little Words With Friends action with the husband, and when we did venture out of the house.
It was just to the coffee shop.
To read and blog.
Then, the mister thinks of the brilliant idea to “just browse” at Target.
He had ulterior motives though.
It’s called the movie aisle.
But I say, “Why pay ten bucks for a movie when we could go to the used movie buying place and get it for five.”
I had ulterior motives though.
Because now we could pick up snacks {read:  dinner}.
An exquisite appetizer of red sauce, a cheese you can’t pronounce, and fine sausage.
{Read:  Bagel Bites}
And to round out the meal,
those fabulous chicken nugs in buffalo sauce.
Only the best in the Morris home.
We each actually got to pick out movies {supa-supa-cheap ya’ll}.
And he let me watch mine.
After I had to convince him that Baby Mama wasn’t Mama Mia.
A movie the Josh Morris apparently loathes.
I like Tuesdays.

5 thoughts on “life | why tuesdays are heaven.

  1. That sounds like the perfect Tuesday to me, girl! My mom and I have been playing Words with Friends together for ages and we actually have a tendency to play when we're sitting right next to each other (but without letting the other see what letters we have!). 🙂


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