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Who is Rachel Morris?
Some days I feel like this question is like saying, “Who is John Galt?”
Don’t let me fool you.
My dad made us watch that movie once.
It was entertaining.
But don’t ask me what it was about.
In fact, I just googled it to make sure I spelled his name write.

to set the record straight,
Writing anything remotely personal makes me want to dive into a mess of blankets, hide my face, and pretend like you can’t see me.
Talking about myself?
Forget about it.

Let’s do it.
Let’s face some fears here.

{Hey, this is where you say, “So, who are you Rachel Morris?”}

The first things that come to mind are – wife, daughter, student, sister, Christian.

Pretty typical, huh?
I think that’s why I have such fears about talking about myself.

What’s so special about me?

I’ve never had anything catastrophic or tremendously earth shattering happen to me.
I’m pretty average in height/weight/hair color/ability/hand-eye-coordination/smartness/funnyness/etc.

Actually, there it is.


That’s the word I despise.

Not because I don’t like being average.

But because of all the negative connotations we put with the word.

In school, it’s not “ok” to be average. You need to be above average. You’re a punk if you’re below average.

In looks it’s either “stunningly gorgeous” or “she should wear a mask.” An average Jane is just, well, average.

Looking back, I am so thankful my parents didn’t instill those values in me.

When I came home with a “C” there wasn’t a hallelujah chorus of rejoicing.
But there also wasn’t that “look” of disappointment. That head down, we’re not going to talk about it, look. They simply encouraged me, supported me, and helped me in whatever way they could.

I hope we can raise our children with them knowing that their value isn’t held up in grades, or looks, ability, or talent.

Because that’s not what matters.

Because when I’m having a bad hair day {which, let’s be real, is more like everyday}, or I didn’t do so hot in that class, or I feel inadequate, I can always rest in the sweet truth that I’ve been molded after my Creator.
As was every other human being I come in contact with.

Which make me take a long, hard look at how I treat others.

This same creator simply spoke not only this world, but the universe and beyond, into being.
He’s the one that knows my heart and its desires.
“So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them.”
{Genesis 1:27}
As for what it means to be created in God’s image, I have yet to learn completely.
Right now it seems unfathomable.
{Translate: “That makes my brain hurt.”}
And gosh, I know this is a wordy post.
And there aren’t many funny pictures.
So here,
My name is Rachel Morris.
I’m a wife, daughter, student, sister, and student.
I’m average.
But most importantly,
I was made in the image of the one true God.
And I like that about me.
{Linking with sweet Susannah from Simple Moments Stick}

9 thoughts on “thoughts | who am i

  1. This was so beautiful, Rachel. Seriously. Love how you said “As was every other human being I come in contact with. Which make me take a long, hard look at how I treat others.” — It's SO easy to forget that EVERYONE was made in His image…not just some. Thanks for the reminder.

    Btw — you are not average at all, you are BEAUTIFUL!


  2. “I've never had anything catastrophic or tremendously earth shattering happen to me.
    I'm pretty average in height/weight/hair color/ability/hand-eye-coordination/smartness/funnyness/etc.”

    This is probably really cliche, but I think you are adorable and funny and uplifting in a pretty a-typical way. But I know what you mean. Average isn't a bad thing.

    I really enjoyed this “wordy” post, and love your blog's new look.


  3. Hey there 🙂 I'm a new blogger and I randomly stumbled on your blog on google. I'm recently engaged so I enjoyed reading some of your posts on new married life. I can't wait for all those awesome firsts 🙂 thx for sharing a part of your life!


  4. I've struggled a lot with being “average” too. The more I think about it, though, the more I don't know if there is truly an average. We all are unique – even in our “average-ness” 😉 Thanks for sharing your heart – it is so beautiful! And thanks a million for joining in on the linkup!


  5. Girl, I am IN LOVE with this entire post. I'm what some would consider as an average girl (well, in my books I am). But, like you said, we don't have to seek our worth in others (or by comparing ourselves to others). Because God is what's most important and we're more than adequate in His eyes.

    I also have to say that I love how this revelation helped you change how you see others. Because while we (or just I) may look disheveled on the outside, deep down, we're all made in His image. 🙂

    And as someone with dreams of having my own classroom to teach in someday, I have to say a huge AMEN to this sentence in your post: “I hope we can raise our children with them knowing that their value isn't held up in grades, or looks, ability, or talent.” Loved that and I think that's something we all have to keep in mind!


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