weekenders | friends + naps + spicy pop pulled pork

J got to put his thrift find {a Settlers expansion pack} to good use.
I had played a few times before and honestly, was not a fan.
But I think I’m just a slow learner.
Because it was so much fun.
And I almost won.
Which might have factored into the fun factor.
We also got to have lots of friends fill our little apartment.
Which is always pure joy.
J worked Saturday.
Which left me on my own all afternoon.
Luckily, my sweet friend Em was in town!
We caught up on life, snagged some Braum’s {Their cherry limeades are legit. We’re talking real lime juice here.}, and ate a belly full of cantaloupe. 
Saturday evening I had the joy of watching this sweet little girl.
Smiles and giggles always abound and it’s exciting to see how much she is growing and learning.
Hearing her sing the ABC’s will always make me smile.

Sunday afternoon I took advantage of J working and made this yummy “Spicy Pop Pulled Pork” by none other than the Pioneer Woman.
I wish we were friends.
I’d even do the dishes.
This pork has to cook for several hours {which results in the tenderest meat of your life} so I also got in some quality nap time.
I halved the recipe, which may have resulted in an overdose of chipotle peppers.
Which are are h-o-t.
Our tummies were burning after consumption.
But that didn’t stop us from getting seconds.
It was delicious.
And easy enough for me not to mess up.
The picture is of the pretty bakeware {wedding shower gift!} instead of the meat.
Because it’s tasty, but not very pretty.
Unless you’re the Pioneer Woman.
And now, as I wrap up our weekend.
This little guy is giving me the, “Bedtime” eyes.
Goodnight, friends.


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