j+r | kitchen attempt #7230

Fridays are like freedom.
And there’s nothing that goes better with freedom than donuts.
Those are a staple around these parts.
That Daylight Donuts down the street hasn’t helped our addiction.
But this morning we decided to make it a pancake morning.
We like carbs.
And if you’re making pancakes, 
you must make bacon.
We’re bacon newbies around here.
Just testing our toes in the waters of bacon brands.
So naturally, we picked up the cheapest kind.
Thinking, “If this isn’t good, now we know. If it is, JACKPOT.”
Just FYI, it wasn’t good.
Oscar Mayer – you are a fraud.
From now on we won’t be skimpin’ on bacon.
Side note:
Last year during my basement living time, our oven had this thing where if you wanted to turn it on, it set of the smoke detector. 
And every other smoke detector in the house.
Well, turns out, the one smoke detector we have in our apartment likes to do the same thing.
So our bacon cooking time looks like this:
Josh on bacon duty.
Rachel on fanning the detector duty.


3 thoughts on “j+r | kitchen attempt #7230

  1. haha that is too funny! it happens sometimes in small apartments 🙂 i've set off the detector just by the steam of my shower!

    and hey–Oscar Mayer regular bacon is gross….but Oscar Mayer TURKEY bacon is where it's at 😉 i like it better than any bacon!


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