j+r | sunrise thoughts

I was barely conscious this morning as we loaded up our bags in the back of Josh’s truck and headed home. Home. Still so strange. We’ll say, “We’re going home.” when headed to either of our parent’s houses yet “coming home” still means our sweet little apartment. Making the lyrics, Home is wherever I’m with you.” ring true to our newlywed ears. Batesville will always be home when Josh and I are there. Sedalia will always be home when Josh and I are there. And the car ride at 4 in the morning with my love will always be home.
This morning was not full of stimulating conversation or even lots of laughter.
The ride was mostly silence with the white noise of a podcast or music playing like a soundtrack for our drive.
See why I love our trips?
Whether silence or conversation, it’s just right.
I tried my best to keep my weary eyes open, but dozed off for about thirty minutes while the sky was still dark. As day broke I reflected on how long it’s been since I’ve seen a sunrise. Honestly, it’s probably been years. I can’t even remember. It’s safe to make the assumption that I am not a “morning person”. Whatever that means.
This morning’s sunrise was not incredibly reflective.
As I always pictured the experience to be.
My mind didn’t reel with Scripture speaking of the likeness of sunrises to new mercies.
It inspired awe.
Which is just what it was created to do.
What an exceptional Creator we have.
I hope that I never get so caught up in worshiping the creation as to overlook its Creator.
This goes for sunrises.
And a certain handsome man named Josh Morris.
Who was wonderfully put together by his Creator.
And who worked an 8 hour shift after driving for 4 hours like a champ.
I am a thankful wife.


2 thoughts on “j+r | sunrise thoughts

  1. I really love those pictures. All hazy and blurry and perfect.

    I haven't seen a sunrise in years either haha. Thank you for sharing!

    It was a funny adjustment, saying “let's go home” and not calling our parent's houses “home” anymore. So true. But I guess that's where Matthew 19:5 comes in.


  2. The line of where “home” is truly is blurred – especially for us young newlyweds. I like your description, though, Home is where I'm with my hubby.

    Also, I'm NOT a morning person either. 😉


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