family | batesville day 3

A lazy-hazy summer day today.
We had breakfast with the locals at The Triangle – a place where you know those folks are regulars.
Then went downtown to visit all the little shops along Main Street. 
There were several quaint thrift and antique shops {where I was tempted to buy many-o-things}, pawn shops, and clothing stores. 
We also did a mini driving tour of the town, “ooo”-ing, “awe”-ing, and “I want that”-ing along the way.
This town is one of the oldest in the state of Arkansas so there were many beautiful, historic homes to swoon over.
This afternoon we stayed in while J’s mom worked, J and his dad played some X-Box, and I napped and read.
I love those days.
They’re perfect for recharging.
Right now I’m sharing the couch with a couch-hog named Josh Morris.
And I can hear chatter and frying sounds coming from the kitchen.
Which means dinner must be on its way.


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