family | batesville day 2

Yesterday morning we spent some quality back porch time.  Just reading, talking, and enjoying a nice bowl of waffle cereal. We decided to head out to a nearby city to try out one of their disc golf courses. Both Josh and his dad love to play and love it even more when they get to play together.  J’s mom had to work so his sister and I came along for the ride. I’m used to the easy-peasy 9 hole course so playing a full 18 in the sun was interesting. I like the 9 hole. And love the shade. But as my dad used to say, “Keep your eye on the prize.” And in this case, the “prize” was Zaxby’s. A place we used to go almost every visit to Bentonville for hot wings and toast. And the “good” ice. You know what I mean. 
The boys were also able to find a new biking/disc golf shop.  Which was handy since they both lost discs on the course. 

The thirty minute car ride home was full of theological and church organization discussion.
I love listening to these two.
The best part?
They don’t always agree.
But their speech is always filled with love and grace for one another.
And respect for a differing opinion.
I’ve learned a lot from that.
Because I’m the, “I’m right and I’m going to show you how wrong you are.” type.

That evening there was a youth rally with the area churches and we had the privilege of attending.
I even got to see Josh Morris and his bass skills.
So. Attractive.
And Steve Morris use his youth leader skills.
So. Funny.

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