family | batesville visit day 1

Note to self for future reference:  When taking a road trip at 11 o’clock at night, go easy on the liquids.
Finding a restroom that’s open 24/7 is near impossible.  
Thankfully we just happened to pass an oasis.
We pulled up to Josh’s parents’ house around 3:30, and crawled right into that comfy bed.
Thankfully, we both woke up very refreshed with our hours of sleep and were ready for a day of church.
Josh’s father is the lead pastor at a church in Batesville and I joyfully anticipate every time I get to sit under his teaching.
A missionary family was visiting for the morning service and being a part of the pastor’s crew, we even got to have lunch with them and visit {ok, listen} even more.
That afternoon we rested on the back porch as a summer rain came through, then headed back out to the church for Sunday evening service. 

After the service we went out for frozen yogurt with some church friends {they’d call them “church folk”} and then for a Walmart adventure.

And it always is an adventure with the Morris boys.

We are so thankful to be here.

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