twenty one | a morris first.

A few days ago I casually mentioned to my sweet husband, “I’d just love to go to the Farmer’s Market while it’s still open.”

A few days later.
It was inevitable that he had forgotten.
I was about to mention it again for us to go next week.
{Thinking he’d already have a plan for what he wanted to do with his morning off.}
But this morning with his eyes still halfway closed he mumbles, “What are we doing today? Getting a bookshelf and going to the marketplace?” 
He remembered.
Not the name.
But the idea.
And that’s what counts, kids.
I’m no fanatic about these Farmer’s Markets.
1. Because we don’t typically eat a lot of fruits and veggies around these parts.
2. They’re usually slightly intimidating to me. Does anyone else get this feeling? No? Just me? Ok then…
While I can’t say we leisurely strolled through the fabulous market and sampled every vendor’s goods.
{It was the market’s first day in their new location and that place was PACKED.}
We did however pick up some delicious peaches.
Which is exactly what I came for.
To which Josh replied, “You know you’re eating all of those right?”
After the market visit we made a quick stop at Barnes & Noble.
Josh has been dying for this new book.
And I picked up one as well.
And good thing I did.
We’re going to embark on a four hour road trip to see J’s parents for a few days.
And I am PUMPED.
We haven’t been able to visit their house for a while and we’re going to get a good three days in this visit.
And now,
for something that’s definitely not a first in the Morris home.
Put-together furniture.

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