twenty | it’s nice.


It’s nice to play a round of disc golf with the husband in the morning, before the summer heat is too hot.
To sign “Rachel Morris” on our new lease.
To have lunch with Josh’s co-workers and laugh while eating tasty food.
They are so much fun.
And probably part of the reason why he likes his job.
To go grocery shopping when you’re going to be gone the next few days.
Cereal and chips & salsa it is!
It’s nice to have someone finish off the milk before it goes bad.
I was used to buying those cute little pints of milk.
We go through a gallon in about a week.
And finally, it’s nice to get a {free} Redbox movie and watch it with your date.
Even if he does describe the movie as, “anticlimactic but that zither thing was pretty neat.”
It’s still nice.

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