nineteen | apartment life.


Today J had a staff meeting at work, then had to go back to work in the afternoon.
You know what that means.
I was a bored little Rach for most of the day.

Thankfully, he came home in between for a little lunch.

When I woke up and he was gone I was tempted to stay in that cozy bed all day long.
It is summer after all.
To wrap the covers around me, forget about my cup of coffee until it was cold, and finish that last season of Arrested Development.
And for about an hour.
I did just that.

And then I realized Josh would come home in between working to no lunch and a bum of a wife.
Which knowing him, he wouldn’t say a word.
But tossing a pizza in the oven and washing my face wasn’t too much work for my bum of a day.
So I made myself slightly presentable, cleaned up the living area a bit {this always makes a Josh Morris very happy}, and had the pizza ready in time for lunch.

While J is at work I usually find some way of occupying myself.
Whether it’s cleaning, organizing, writing wedding thank you notes, reading, running errands, making meals, or watching more Parks and Rec.
I find something.

My goal is to always have our little apartment.
Our home.
Looking its best
{dishes done, that black rug that shows every dust particle vacuumed, and the clutter tidied.}
Weird word.
It doesn’t always happen.
But with these “housewife” days.
It almost always does.
When school starts I’ll need a little more grace.

I also usually fit in a Starbucks trip in at some point during the week to blog or read.
I call those field trips.

But today there is an important task to tackle.
It’s called the bedroom

That room in which we say, “We’ll get to it later.”
That room with the unpacked boxes.
That room that is the opposite of peace.
It’s a “close your eyes until you’re snuggled under the covers so you can’t see the clutter” room.

But that’s about to change.

And because I believe in honesty.
And in not presenting your life as oober-perfect when everyone knows it’s not.

Here are some pictures of our lovely bedroom.

It’s bad, k.

But with a little straightening, maybe a bookshelf?, and some serious organization, it’s going to get done.


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