sixteen | morris eats

Let me introduce you to a typical Morris grocery store trip.
Perhaps a glance at our lists would help…

Josh:  fruity pebbles, chocolate milk, coke, bagel bites, frozen pizzas, frozen burritos, and brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts
Rachel:  things to make things with {meat, pasta, etc.}. Does that make sense?  Oh and vegetables. {DON’T mention the vegetables…}
This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy every item on Josh’s list. I do. I mean my 12 year old taste buds really likes those things.  I just can’t eat them every day and be functional.
And it also doesn’t mean that Josh doesn’t enjoy homemade food.
He’s just a boy.
So we compromise.

I browse cookbooks to find recipes that both of us might like.
Put a little pink sticky note on it.
Hand the cookbook to J.
And he writes, “Yum.” or “Yuck” on the sticky note.

In walks the Pioneer Woman.

This recipe earned a, “Yum.”
And I’d have to concur.

Take that frozen burritos.

And the leftovers.
And this is how I typically feel about leftovers…
 this is from the morning we had to buy car insurance.
We called all four that day I’m pretty sure…
“What? You mean I have to pay when someone that hits me doesn’t have insurance?”

2 thoughts on “sixteen | morris eats

  1. Ahh, grocery shopping 🙂 It's such an adventure! Luckily E and I both like the same things…but cookies are something we both can just not give up 🙂

    Those burritos look amazing! I'm impressed! I'm a terrible cook so I leave that to E haha…just something about multitasking in the kitchen that I never picked up….

    Don't even get me started on car insurance. Or taxes. Oh god. Just wait for those.


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