Fifteen days.
And marriage is still fun.
No one’s shocked.
We’re still “honemooners” for a few more weeks.
It’s still fun to eat almost every meal together.
It’s still kinda fun to make decisions together.
It’s still fun to go places together.
It is hard.
Sometimes it’s hard to figure Josh Morris out.
It’s hard to make a stinking budget.
It’s hard to pick battles.
Usually for me there’s no choosing.
I choose allย of the battles.
It’s hard to not work for this month while J brings in all the income.
It’s hard to say bye to my husband for 8 hours.
And it’s hard to transition from daughter to wife.
But life is a beautiful work in progress.
And as hard as these things are it’s still fun to work through them with my husband.
To learn how to communicate better, to learn how to be respectful, and to learn how to pick those dang battles.
Now it’s time to turn these stinky bananas into delicious banana bread.
Just one more example of turning the not so pretty into beautiful.


5 thoughts on “fifteen.

  1. so true.
    goodness, i feel you about the income.
    im interning, not getting paid, i feel useless.
    but banana bread is always a good enough contribution ๐Ÿ™‚



  2. The transition from daughter to wife was pretty hard for me, too. All of the other things were a challenge (ARE a challenge), but that one I wasn't expecting.

    The first few months after marriage were amazing as well as stressful and kind of exhausting. We were both adjusting. Totally natural, but still not easy. Glad to see I wasn't the only one that had some struggles haha. Yay for personal growth!


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