our fourth.

Actually, Josh worked this fourth of July. So this is a recap of our faux-fourth.  But don’t worry it still includes explosives. And nachos. ‘Merica.

Yesterday Josh and I were in the midst of our morning routine –  sitting on the couch, eating our cereal, sipping our coffee, and reading when J got a phone call.  His two best friends from Bentonville had the day off and wanted to drive up for a visit.  The sound of Josh’s voice said it all.  He was pumped to see them again.

We did some moving with a friend, made a quick grocery store run, and they arrived just as we pulled up.  Just in time to help drag the grocery bags up the stairs.  Thank goodness.  That is not my favorite chore.

From then on it was a whirlwind of longboard talk, disc golf playing, visits to both the longboard and disc golf shops, bloody road rash, pizza, and a baseball game.  Those things make a Josh Morris pretty happy. And a wife pretty nervous.  The longboarding/road rash things.  Not the pizza or baseball.  Those things make a wife really happy too.

Three bros.
But seriously, three of the funniest men I’ve ever met.
Sometimes I wouldn’t even know what they were talking about.
But it was hilarious.
I’ve never been so close to cry-laughing than walking back to the parking garage after the game.
And finally,
my best attempt at a firework picture.
I probably took 10 and 9 of them were pitch black.


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