While gathering my thoughts on this post {how do you write a honeymoon post without just saying, “It was AMAZING.”} I came to the realization that I had no idea what “honeymoon” means.
Who thought of that word?
Well, with a little help from my friend Merriam-Webster and some personal experience, I now know.

Origin of HONEYMOON:
     from the idea that the first month of marriage is the sweetest
     first known use:  1546
Because honestly, the honeymoon is so much more than a sweet vacation {which it totally was}.   The vacation of a lifetime I tell ya. It’s this whole first season of marriage. This sweet season of learning even more about each other, of discovering each other’s unknown quirks, and of settling in to our new home.
And just in case you were interested…
This trip was new for both of us.  J had never flown before.  I had only flown internationally with someone else leading the way.  It was hilarious.  Airports are fun and scary.  All-inclusive is rad.  “Why you not tell me you were a VIP?” to which we reply with sniffing our moist towels and an, “Uhhh…this towel smells so good.”  Mexico is beautiful.  Get the steak.  Twice.  Mooch some pool rafts. Room service nachos might make you queasy.  And Mexican TV basically only plays crime shows and The Big Bang Theory in English.  Which we loved. Oh and we love McDonald’s.  And driving.
Ok, ok. Just one more picture of that handsome husband.


2 thoughts on “honeymoon.

  1. I love so much that the little sign says “Mr. and Mrs. Morris – Reserved.” Because that's who you two are now! So great!

    Thanks for that definition, I've actually wondered the same. I still think of my honeymoon as the best week of my life thus far. Just sun, beach, food and love. What's better than that?


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