My eyes are barely open as I’m typing this. 
I was this close to passing on writing today.
But I don’t want to forget these days.
These slightly overwhelming, let’s get it done, stressful, but sweet days.
The Josh Morris arrived yesterday afternoon. We met with our travel agent to run over our itinerary for Mexico, then purchased our very own marriage license. WOO-HOO. 
When we came back home our loving neighbors had been by to drop off some gifts – including this homemade blanket.
How cool is that?
We love that thing already.
Not much wedding plans took place yesterday. Just relaxing a little.
And running errands with Miss Molly.
She’s the cutest.
Today we packed up the “wedding” room into the minivan and headed out to the church.  After unpacking we began to assemble everything, clear out what needed to be cleared out, and make a million decisions.
Advice to future brides:  You will make lot of decisions.  Even though you might not care about them, you still have to make them. Be prepared.
We were at the church from about 10 to 3 just getting everything ready and there is still more to be done!
But not too much hopefully.
I’m ready for Saturday. 
But I’m enjoying seeing all our plans come together.
And I’m excited for everyone to get here!


4 thoughts on “four.

  1. Make sure you sleep and eat! Seriously! Especially on your wedding day, have someone pack some snacks and water for you to feed you while you take pictures and stuff. Eat a good breakfast too. It helps so much.

    You're getting presents already! How fun. You two are just adorable, he's so much taller than you. I love it.

    Happy times!


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