six + father’s day.

birthday cake remnants.
I’m pretty sure Mom has made every birthday cake I have ever had.
From the Little Mermaid, to flip flops, and now a chocolate, nutella, strawberry PW yummminess.
Both my aunts, cousin, and her daughter {our flower girl!} came over to celebrate with dinner and dessert.
And even a little dancing thanks to Miss Molly.
After they left my long-time friend Farren also came over and we talked and watched a movie until I could barely keep my eyes open.
The best 21st a girl could ask for.

and a happy father’s day to this handsome man.

I am so excited to spend this whole week with my family even if it will be busy.
I’m sure there will be times of settling into the couch at the end of the day and just relaxing.
That cute boy will be here tomorrow!
My sister on Wednesday.
And J’s family on Friday.
Anticipation is rising!


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