Today was a busy one.
The big 2-1 birthday is coming up.
So you know what that means…
License and vehicle registration.
Double whammy.
Add a marriage and name change next week to that and ya get…
double the fees.
My loving, compassionate, and charitable father came with me on this excursion.
My goodness, I am thankful for that man.
The older I get {and more money I spend} I realize that cars are a huge responsibility.
You pump money into them, check their oil, shine up their interior, and they’re great!
They get you to and from work/school/ice-cream runs every day.
Then one split second and that can all be gone!
That thought will make ya drive extra cautious.
Or extra reckless depending on your personality I suppose…
For now my reliable car is parked in her safe little spot by the plum tree.
And I’ve marked June 2015 in my planner as an expensive car month.
And will remember to give Dad lots of hugs.
Just because.

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