ten. | lessons for outdoor concert going.

I’m not good at them.
We know that.
Josh is the best.
He will always win at that game.
But a few months ago I had this great idea to buy tickets to an outdoor concert to see the Lumineers.
And not tell Josh.
June 1st came and he still had no idea.
{Or so he says… ;)}
I showed up on his doorstep with a sprinkled donut and the tickets sneakily hidden underneath it.
This might be due to the fact that I had absolutely no clue how to tell him. 
And I wanted donuts that morning.
As he started to open the donut bag, I tried to look completely uninterested while internally dying to see his reaction.
Tricky, tricky.
“Road trip!”
We picked up some road snacks {white cheddar popcorn for me, bold chex mix for him}, topped off the gas tank, and headed for Kansas City. Err…Bonner Springs? Is it the same thing? Maybe so. Who knows.
If there is one thing that I absolutely love about loving Josh Morris – it’s that he loves road trips.
That’s a lot of love goin on right there.
A three hour trip is nothing when you have good company.
And good snacks.
Upon our arrival, we quickly {err…more like slowly…} realized that we had come unprepared.
For one, I was pretty sure that I had purchased seats since they were the same price as the lawn seats.
To put it in mathematical terms:
2 lawn seats + 0 blankets = 2 soggy bottoms
I always was good at math…
While we were there we had several realizations about our new found experience.
So in case you find yourself wanting to surprise your lover with an outdoor concert.
Take note.
1.   Most important of all. Bring a dadgum blanket. This will come in handy when the grass is wet/itchy or it begins to drizzle midway through the concert.
2.   While you’re thinking of rain, bring a jacket or if you’re an overachiever {like the couple in front of us} bring rain ponchos. Even if the forecast is clear and sunny blue skies. Bring one.
3.   Enjoy other people.  More than likely {depending on what type of concert it is I suppose} there will be a diverse group of people sitting on the lawn.
Grandparents, sorority girls, hippies, middle-class average couples, twenty somethings, mom groups, and teenage punks.  Take it all in. Diversity is a good thing.
4.   Don’t get caught up with pointing out the clearly-intoxicated-about-to-get-in-their-cars people.  For one, there are just too many. And two, that’s what the police are here for right?
5.   Bring plenty of cash. For two reasons:  1. You will never pay so much for a pretzel. 2. The ATM will charge you out the wazoo.
6.   Due to #4 and hundreds of cars, leave before it’s over. 
7.   Sit close to your favorite person in the world.
8.    Walk around a bit.  You never know where a better view might be hiding.    
9.   Afterwards: McDonald’s. Don’t think. Just do.

We will most definitely be outdoor concerting again.
But with a blanket next time.


5 thoughts on “ten. | lessons for outdoor concert going.

  1. Very good advice! haha concerts can be such interesting experiences. Love them. Especially all of the people-watching. So entertaining.

    This was a very cute surprise! I bet loved it.

    PS – you're so almost married!


  2. Her mother and I. (been practicing!)
    No wait–your mother and I purchased a “Mexican Blanket” while on our honeymoon. I recommend this course of action for you and Josh.
    By the way, we used it last Thursday, at a concert.


  3. Haha you guys are so cute! This looks like so much fun. Sorry about the soggy bottoms, I wouldn't have thought of that either. And yeah, concerts definitely bring out the….most interesting sides….of people. LOL.


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