eighteen | a tranquil heart.

“A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh,
but envy makes the bones rot.”
{Proverbs 14:30}

Funny {and wonderful} how the Lord works sometimes.  On the page before writing this verse in my journal, was the written thought, “Whether we will admit it or not, everyone makes their secret judgments.”
Most of these thoughts deal with weddings. {That subject is on my mind a lot lately…} You’ll hear people say {and I even remind myself..}, “At the end of the day you’ll be married. And that’s all that matters.”  But if we’re being completely honest, we like things how we like them.  If she doesn’t have a three tiered traditional cake or super trendy one we don’t like it.  I’ve even caught myself {sinfully and selfishly} thinking, “Why are you making it such a production?” {I’m keen to simplicity.} when in reality that’s what the bride and groom want. That is exactly how they want to celebrate the first day of marriage. Everyone’s ideas and tastes are different – and for good reason! Our Creator has given us each such unique personalities and creative abilities.  
But this verse was intended to transcend little things like weddings {note – I said weddings not marriage.  Marriage is in no way trivial.} And how true it is!  Think about the “keeping up with the Joneses” phrase.  We always want the next best thing or at best, what our friends have.  For me, I want perfect hair like that girl.  Or to look as legit as that girl does on a longboard.  Or to be able to be super crafty and creative. Or to be as good of a wife as so and so.  And that feeling.  That {eesh}, “I’m not good enough.” feeling.   It rots my bones. 
So instead, I will daily ask the Lord to bring tranquility to my heart. 
And to not let envy steal joy.


One thought on “eighteen | a tranquil heart.

  1. Rachel. This was amazing…so well written and exactly how my heart has been feeling lately. I'll definitely be meditating on this scripture today. Can't wait to read your next post!!


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