may’s best.

Here it is.
That time of the month to look back and say, “Hey May, I’m so very glad you’re through. Let’s get on to June.  Twenty second to be precise!”
Ok, ok.
Savoring the moments.
{you’re like a dream come true.}
{anyone remember that?}

Said a tough goodbye to this beautiful lady that’s played an incredibly impactful role in my life for the past two years.
Good thing I’ll see her for a little on June 22!
{just wanna be with you…}
{ok…that’s enough.}

In my spare procrastinating time I tried way too hard to learn how to curl my hair.
And didn’t clean that nasty mirror.
I knew you’d ask.

Josh {and Jeff?} moved in to “the” apartment.

And some amazing roommates.
And a temporary farewell to that pretty lady.

H&T graduated from college then headed off to St. Louis.
I hope they know how excited I am for Josh and I’s visit!
Soon enough.

This pretty lady and I have been spending lots of time together.
And I love that. 🙂
She’s also been workin on her selfie skills.

Thinking back to one year ago when this beautiful thing happened.
My goodness…how love only grows with time.
Let’s get married already, Josh Morris.
Linking it up with Ashley today.


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