thirty one. | ten things i can’t live without, wedding edition.

The one month mark!
I can already tell that this month is going to fly by.
While my home routine hasn’t quite been settled yet (back to back fillings left me with sleeping too much and fogginess) most every day has been filled with some sort of wedding plans. 
And it is a true joy.
There are some moments of frustration (don’t mention those off-white shirts…), but even then, it’s not the end of the world if something goes wrong.
After all, weddings shouldn’t be a fuss.
Today I was thinking about a few things that would make wedding planning a lot more difficult. Our wedding is not so traditional, which made being resourceful a necessity.  
1. Dad – the handy man with a simple, to the point answer. 
2. My Bridesmaids – my goodness these are some amazing girls. I know that whenever I need something – they’re there.
3. The Groomsmen – Josh seriously has some great friends. They even stick through my indecisiveness which requires a heavy dose of patience.
3. My sister – She just has that eye for what goes together and looks good. And answers all my random questions.
4. Josh’s Mom & Dad – calm and steady.  They’re always there to answer questions and serve me in any way they can. 
5. Josh – He is my decision maker. 
6. Spotify wedding playlists – the most recent discovery.  Life. Saver.
7. Pinterest – ideas galore. Let’s be honest – without this I would never know where to even start.
8. “Thee” notebook – the one with all the measurements, sketches, and checklists. That thing is  my sidekick.
9. Etsy – sometimes i’m skeptical about this cutesy online store and I’ve known a lot of people that have been extremely disappointed. But everything I’ve purchased from there has been perfect. Stamps, paper bags, cute bridesmaid gifts, and even one bridesmaid’s dress – all Etsy. Plus, I just think it’s neat that I get to have a little interaction with the seller via chat. 
10. Mom –  She knows the creative solution to all the problems, let’s me tweak her sketches till I like them, then retweak them when I change my mind.  She knows who to ask for borrowing things, and makes more lists than me. This wedding would be pretty pitiful without her.

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