the girl who hates running.

or exercise in general.

that’d be me.
mostly because i never had to run.
high school p.e. was basically extra basketball team practice and, “Oh…you…go do whatever you want.”
and honestly, i’ve never really even felt a need to work out.
i love my body just the way it is.
but i know i’m not always going to be the “eat however i want and not work out” kinda girl.
and i don’t want to be a weakling forever.
i want my body to be strong and stay strong.
i want to take care of my body without being obsessed about how i look or what i eat or how many times i visited the gym this week.
that’s all.

3 thoughts on “the girl who hates running.

  1. good for you girl! i'm the same, i don't work out often because right now i can get away with it haha. i actually can't run, but i've been doing yoga and my own made-up core workout every day and it feels great! 🙂 it's true, it's important to keep your body healthy.

    grace & love,


  2. Gahh, it's so hard! I can't see you ever being anything other than the tiny lady that you are. But even so, you're right, being healthy is always good, regardless.

    I hate hate working out. So much hate haha. Way to go.


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