the graduates.

This weekend has been one for the books!
Yesterday morning we drove up to Kirksville, Missouri to attend our very first college graduation.
And it was a busy day indeed.
Packing, loading up the cars, getting ready for the ceremony, waiting in the stands, listening to all the names, cheering for our “Weekses”, listening to more names, taking pictures, eating, more packing, cleaning, hugging, saying goodbyes, packing, and driving back to Sedalia.
Bed time was so sweet last night.
Last night I also got a whole two and a half hour car ride with my big sister all to myself.
I loved that.
It’s amazing and so exciting to think of this completely new chapter in their lives.
New city, new apartment, new church, and new jobs.
That’s a lot of new.
But there is no doubt that they will flourish – even if some times are hard.
And I can’t wait for Josh and I to visit them in St. Louis!
Ready for some pictures?
papa jake’s before the long trip.
proud parents.
reading the literature.
this guy talked a lot.
dad’s friend from when they were college-aged kids.
now both their daughters are graduating from college.
it was a very windy day.
poor kids had to keep their kite-hats on.
picture taking was a little tricky.
but here’s timothy walking off as heather is walking onto the stage.
such a sweet moment for them to be able to walk together.
windy wind.
love you and am so proud of you heather anne.
you’re the coolest big sister in the world.
Now we only have two more graduations to go…
mine {hopefully} in December.
and Josh’s in a year or so.
What an exciting time in life!


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