the season of reflection | part one

This week and the upcoming weeks have and will be full of reflection. And it’s just getting started. Life is changing. A new season is being ushered out and a new one is beginning. It’s this strange and beautiful overlap time that brings the reflection. The time to gather thoughts and emotions and rejoice in the blessings and trials the Lord has given.
My college life would look completely different without the faithfulness of Becca Smith. From the time she sat on the bed with me at the first Lightbearer’s Retreat in 2011, to not letting me say, “I’m good.” when she knew I wasn’t, and all the laughs in between. She has wrapped me in her sweet Becca hugs many-a-time when the tears just wouldn’t stop during last year’s {and this year’s} hard times. This woman has been teaching me truth and pointing me to Jesus Christ for two years. Bringing me alongside her, simply taking the time to talk with me and so many others that come into her life.  She’s the one with a contagious and passionate love for God’s Word and for knowing Jesus.  She’s the one that made me ok with singing and dancing in the car.  She’s the one that says, “Dr. Pepper Icees?” every Wednesday. And she’s the one that challenges me to bring younger girls into my life – to walk alongside them and love them with Jesus’ love.   
She’s one of those women you think, “I hope I can be half the woman she is.” And I am thankful that the Lord has blessed me with knowing her.  She’s moving to Fayetteville in a few weeks and Springfield just won’t be the same without her. But…the Lord is doing amazing things in her life and I’m excited to see what they are as He reveals them. Plus, Josh Morris and I love Arkansas so I know we’ll see her.   🙂 

The first time I heard this song we were sitting around the table in our host family’s home in South Asia. Becca was putting pictures from our first day into a prayer walk and she used this song. Hearing and singing it today flooded my mind with that sweet time. This song is the Gospel. Pure, simple, and beutiful. Standing next to Josh and in the row in front of Becca and Em, my eyes couldn’t help but overflow with tears.  And I have no response but to be thankful for the salvation of Jesus and the people He has put in my life to bring me closer to Him.

2 thoughts on “the season of reflection | part one

  1. this is so sweet! i love that you are honoring each of your friendships here on the blog. it's so nice to hear others speak good of those they know; while you show your thankfulness for others, your own kind and graceful heart is reflected on the page 🙂


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