random recent happenings.

because sometimes that’s what a journal is.

mac & cheese shapes.
put that on the list of things i was deprived of as a child.
along with watching spongebob…
one of the childhood favorites.
“Random STRANGERS?!”
never realized how weird this movie actually is…
picked up the invitations from the printers this morning!
and luckily i have a light homework load today so i was able to get {almost} all of them addressed and ready to be sent out tomorrow.
and finally…
moms are the sweetest.
that’s all.

2 thoughts on “random recent happenings.

  1. don't worry, i was deprived of mac & cheese and spongebob too when i was a child. and basically every other cartoon that wasn't on pbs (except hey arnold!)

    woohoo! invitations! so exciting 🙂 and moms really are the best!

    grace & love,


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