fifty three | farren

Farren Elizabeth,
It is impossible to think of you and not laugh.
You are so much fun!
And we need to take more pictures together.
Because all these oldies are slightly embarrassing. 
Remember Morgan’s birthday party in 4th grade when we became friends after running crazily around the house?
And then when I made you cry on your birthday by leaving your precious Blue Angels group in 5th grade?
And you made me watch the movie “It” and I almost peed my pants.
And let’s not forget – you smoking me in everything.
Grades. Cheer. Coolness.
But seriously, I love you. 
So dang much.
It’s amazing all the growing up we’ve both done these past years.
How the Lord has taken our somewhat superficial, high school friendship, and made it into something so much greater.
Through the commonality of His sweet grace and the changes he’s made in our hearts.
You are the friend that we plan on hanging out for an hour and it turns into five.
You’re not afraid to challenge me.
To call me out.
And I love that.
We’ve always talked about being in each other’s weddings.
And my friend, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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