fifty six.

Forty year old Rach,
You have the sweetest friends.

They threw me a cute lingerie party.
And it could not have been more perfect.

Plus – I got to see friends from different parts of life in one place all meeting and getting to know each other.
I loved that.

And sitting there, laughing so dang hard, I was content.
So blessed, and encouraged, and excited.

Excited for marriage.
But also for friendships that will continue through the stages of life.

Friendships with Nicky, Tasha, and Shelby.
J’s friends that have so sweetly adopted me.
With Em and Kelsey.
Roommates that have been so much more than that.
 With Amber.
My future sister.
And with Farren and Victoria.
High school friendships that have stood the test of time.

Love them each so much.

And they seriously thought of everything.
Like knowing my favorite food.



2 thoughts on “fifty six.

  1. that's the cutest idea–and these pictures are cute too 🙂 friends are such dear blessings in life. you are so blessed to have so many amazing ones! happy weekend 🙂

    grace & love,


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