a coffee shop monday.

There’s something about a quiet coffee shop that just makes my heart flutter.

The off and on bustle of tutoring sessions, reunions of friends, and awkward dates that provide enough of a distraction to be productive.  In Springfield I have my favorites.  The Hub – Where J and I frequent. Mostly because it’s halfway between CBC and MSU and it has the indie-hipster type of staff that just make ya feel cooler. And then there’s Hebrews. The type of place where you can sit all day and not even realize it.  Like today. I spent the entire afternoon there.  Even enjoying delicious {and somewhat healthy…i mean i’m not an expert but i think i spotted quinoa} chicken tortilla soup for dinner. Don’t tell my wallet.  And then a perfect white mocha latte for dessert.  Again, the things my wallet doesn’t know!  Somehow I rationalize my faults into rewards.  This will need to change for future parenting.  Example:  I let chicken go bad then had to eat out. Right? Stomach: yes.  Ok, ok back on track.
It’s almost closing time here. Ten o’clock. The time a coffee shop should close. The tables have been wiped down, floors swept, and only a few lingering customers remain. My eyes are getting weary and I’ve successfully marked off several items on my homework to-do list. I’m feeling accomplished as I think about packing up my things.  “Woo. Essay done.” Amber just exclaimed.  I think that’s the cue that it’s time to wrap this up. See you later coffee shop friend.  Maybe tomorrow? I do have lots of homework…

{As I wrote those last few lines I’m reminded of why this is probably sinking in as much as it is.  I listened to Morning Edition on NPR while getting ready this morning and an article titled “How Coffee Brings the World Together” intrigued me.}

One thought on “a coffee shop monday.

  1. i couldn't agree more. maybe it's cliche, but coffee shops just hold that romantic, easy nonchalance that i can't get enough of. sounds like you had a peaceful and fulfilling experience 🙂

    grace & love,


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