the calm before the craziness.

This week has been “calm week”.
It’s gone by fast but hasn’t been filled with too much schools stress.
These next few weeks though…
Prepare the paper writing snacks!

Dinner with mom and dad on their way back to Sedalia from Big Cedar.

That one time I rode one of those bicycles.
Yesterday was my last day at Strafford.
One classroom made me a book with sweet notes.
Those little ones are tear-jerkers I tell ya – with all their hugs and smiles!
I’m having questions about this “full time lead teacher” business.
But I know for sure that I love children.
And love watching them grow.
Speaking of growing,
I brought the game Uno last night and Jerry LOVED it.
We played the entire time.
I also got to talk with him a lot about life in China and creation and evolution.
He’s a fascinating little guy and I’m excited that I still have a few weeks left with him.
Just in case you were wondering how many weeks were left.
I’m not….

it rained last night.
I knew from the puddle outside {and inside} my room.
I love this house and am so thankful for it.
But good riddance to this moisture business!

Today I have a few assignments to get done.
But while I have some free time…
 I think I’ll get some invitations printed.


3 thoughts on “the calm before the craziness.

  1. Your updates are so fun to read..
    One a side note (because I couldn't find an email) I was wondering if it would be ok if I used on of your buttons on my sidebar under my sponsors. I love your blog and I think you are so sweet so I would love to help promote your blog for free 🙂 let me know if youre ok with that.

    Kendra @ openspaces


  2. That bicycle is SO cool! was it hard to ride? those notes are so sweet from your kids too, definitely a rewarding part i'm sure. i hope the next few weeks aren't too stressful for you! will be thinking of you 🙂

    grace & love,


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