sixty six | struggle.

Way back in October J’s mom sweetly took some pics for us while in Bentonville.
Most of them are incredibly goofy.
But that’s why I love them.
I met with Jane yesterday for the first time in a long time and just wanted to remember some quotes from the book we’re reading together.

“If there is one thing young engaged couples need to hear, it’s that a good marriage is not something you find, it’s something you work for.  It takes struggle. You must crucify your selfishness.  You must at times confront, and at other times confess.  The practice of forgiveness is essential.”

“God created us in such a way that we need to struggle to stay alive.  Challenge is what keeps us seasoned.  But to be profitable, our struggle must have purpose, and it must be productive.  Two people who do nothing but fight in their marriage and make each other miserable are not engaging in a helpful spiritual exercise.  It’s only when we put struggle within the Christian context of character development and self-sacrifice that it becomes profitable.”

Gary Thomas | Sacred Marriage

Goodness gracious.
We’re two {selfish} human beings.
Struggle will happen.
Sheesh, it’s already happened.
But will it be struggle that wields our character.
Changes us more into the image of Christ?
Or meaningless, empty bickering?


5 thoughts on “sixty six | struggle.

  1. i agree with meg! you guys are off to a great start, already working on your relationship like this 🙂 struggle will never be gone, but it's how you approach it that matters. love this!

    grace & love,


  2. I love these quotes, it is so true.. after 4 years of being married I wish I had understood these concepts a little bit more in the beginning. I knew it would be hard at times but in the end the struggle to be better together is always worth the work!

    Kendra @ openspaces


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