weekend fun times.

SLEPT IN.   Hung out with Allie, Kelsey, then all the roommates at Chile’s.   Yum Queso.  
Walmart run with J and Amber.   Movie.   Inflatables at CBC. 

PRAXIS exam. 
That one standardized test you have to take to get your teaching certificate.  
Because if you graduate from a university you still aren’t qualified enough until you take this $200 test.
Mom and Dad went to Big Cedar Lodge this weekend but stopped here first!
J spent some time with them while I was finishing up the test.
Then we all went for a tasty Wingstop lunch.
Mom and Dad also brought my bike from out of storage.
Now it’s bike city in our house.

Church with J and Amber.   Picnic lunch.   Car cleaning.   Group project meeting.   Outdoor nap.     
Hard core homework time.
I love weekends.
I’m ready for summer.
Weekends all day e’re day.
Let’s call this…
4 weeks till finals week.

One thought on “weekend fun times.

  1. yeah, what the hay is up with standardized tests? i'm sooo over them. i'll have to take the GRE if i want to get my master's and the thought just tires me. i totally get you girl.

    but yay bikes! i love taking bike rides, it's so much fun 🙂 happy tuesday!

    grace & love,


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